• Workshop 1: Language lab
    Overcome the barriers.

  • Workshop 2: Local Services
    Empowering immigrant citizens to use available services/resources.

  • Workshop 3: Culture and interculturality
    Developing interculturality understanding and valuing diversity by sharing experiences and cultural habits.

  • Workshop 4: School Support
    Implicating the school parents in the school life and having and active participation as volunteers in the school activities.

  • Workshop 5: Leisure/Family Education
    Educate future generation to a multicultural perspective.

  • Workshop 6: Participation
    •  To present different life stories of migrant leaders at school, or migrant collectives neighbourhood which act as referents to follow in citizen participation.
    • Implicating families in the neighbourhood and in the town life for the citizenship empowerment.

  • Workshop 7: Citizens’ Projects Proposal/Discussion
    Promote active participation and effective integration of the immigrant community in solving local problems and needs.