7. Citizens’ Projects Proposal/Discussion (Lleida)

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In this workshop we worked with the idea that considering the family as part of the school and at the same time as part of our community brings with it the capacity of intervention and decision in the day-to-day, both in the educative centres and at the community level.

Nowadays, the relationship between the school and the community is seen as a very important factor in the pupil’s education. That is why it is important that families can take part of this process.

The agreement of the pupil in his learning and his success or failure is decided because of: the history of the family and their future project, where economic, social and culture factors take part, and also the involvement of the families in their children‘s education.

So, facing the difficulties that some families have to notice that their proposals are listened and implemented, it is decided to do practicable and real citizenship projects in order to not frustrate their expectations. The workshop finished with the hope that all the ideas could be implemented and with the feeling of having done a good job.