3. Culture And Interculturality (Lleida)

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In this third workshop we presented a very popular Catalan festivity called “La castanyada”.

This festivity is related to the “All Saints Day” and in our country people use to eat special sweets called “Panellets” and we also eat cooked chestnuts.

It was explained that these days there are a lot of stands in the streets where people can buy cooked chestnuts. These stands are hold by people from different restaurants but there are also some of them with students from High School which collect the money for an “end of the year” trip.

The participants also explained about how they celebrate this festivity in their countries: some of them adapt it to Halloween, some don’t celebrate it and some others have a very different kind of celebration.

Then they worked all the vocabulary related to this festivity and they also worked with the recipe and afterwards, they started elaborating the “panellets” and cooking the chestnuts.

At the end of the workshop all participants ate “panellets” and chestnuts. It was a really nice experience and all of them enjoyed it.