7. Citizens’ Projects Proposal/Discussion (Lleida)

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This seventh workshop took place on the 27th April.
There were people from Algeria, Morocco, Gambia and Equador.

Leaders from different immigrant associations participated on the workshop:

  • Amal Guenane, fom Algeria.
  • Buba Jammel, from Gambia.
  • Mayra Alejandra Legña, from Euroamérica.
  • Naima Hoummas, from Hawaa.

They also participated members of different local associations:

  • Two people from Balàfia Women’s Association: Jos Farreny and Teresa Gil.
  • One person from Balàfia Neighbourhood Association: Sun Farreny.
  • One person from the Social Welfare Department: Montse Pubill.
  • One person from the AMPA’s School: Nayma Sayem.

In this workshop the participants talked about their interests, worries, needs, strengths…in order to work on diferent strategies. These strategies will help to develop a learning route in the adults education and will also lead school parents to their own citizenship and autonomy.

At the end of the workshop some ideas were exposed:

  • All cultures have the same importance and deserve the same respect.
  • As cultural beings, everybody is diferent, so it is necessary to know, to exchange and to talk among all the diferent cultures.
  • It is important to actively participate in the diferent associations, entities and local organisations.
  • It is necessary to learn the Catalan Language.

With all these ideas, different citizenship proposals will be designed.