6. Participation (Lleida)

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This sixth workshop took place on the 6th of April.

There were people from Algeria, Morocco, Algeria, Guinea, Gambia, Equador, Senegal and Rumania.

Leaders from different immigrant associations participated on the workshop:

  • Amel Guenane, from Algeria.
  • Mohamud Bah, from Guinea.
  • Buba Jammel, from Gambia.
  • Mayra Alejandra Legña, from Euroamérica.
  • Rokhaya Sarr, from Senegal.
  • Angelica Gaina, from Rumania.
  • Zahra Boutkhomouine, from Morocco.

All the leaders explained about their own experience as immigrants: first of all they talked about their own country, then about how they left it, how  they managed to arrive in Europe, how they felt, how they learnt the new language, where they worked, how they started to build an association…

We also looked for some images and information of each country.

At the end of the workshop, all the participants started a wide dialogue among themselves and also asked a lot of questions to each other.

It was a great experience for the participants to listen to different people from different countries and to share their own storylives among themselves.