5. Leisure/Family Education (Lleida)

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The fifth workshop took place on the 30th of March.

There were people from Algeria, Morocco and India.

At the beginning of the workshop, some participants read their own poems.

Then, a member of a Cultural Association, Jesús Nogués, talked about “Castellers” and “Diables”, which are cultural groups that follow Catalan traditions. At the end, the participants tried to start building a “Castell” (human tower).

Afterwards, Pepita Elvira, which is a member of the “Grup Sardanista 27 d’Abril”, talked about the “Sardana”, which is the typical dance of Catalonia. At the end the participants learnt how to dance it.

To finish with the workshop, the immigrants also talked about some traditional things they do at their leisure time.

It was a very interesting workshop, they enjoyed it and they loved participating on all the activities.