4. School Support (Lleida)

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This fourth workshop took place on the 23rd of March.

There were people from Algeria, Morocco and Bulgaria.

Two associations visited the school: Bulgarian-Rumanian MECHTA Association, with Milena Yaneva and Aneta Mihay Iova and HAWAA Association with Douae Zokri. The first one explained to the participants a legend about Bulgaria and showed some typical artcrafts from their country. They also explained and showed it to some children of the school. The second one explained a tale from Morocco to the participants and also to some children of the school, which really enjoyed it.

The president of the parents association, Nayma Sayem, talked about the importance of belonging to this association called AMPA, which it was really worth for the school life.

At the end of the workshop, all the participants visited the school. It was interesting for them, because they could go into different classrooms, they saw their own children working and they met a lot of teachers.