2. Local Services (Lleida)

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This second workshop took place on the 9th of March.

There were people from Algeria, Morocco and India.

There were different associations invited to participate on it:

  • Two people from the Social Welfare Department: Montse Pubill and Iolanda Velasco.
  • Two people from  Balàfia Women’s Association: Jos Farreny and Ester Campalans.
  • One person from Hawaa: Raschida El Badaoui.
  • One person from the AMPA’s School: Nayma Sayem, the president.

There, they talked about all different services they can find in Lleida, which are their responsibilities and where are they, which it was completely useful for all the participants.

They also visited the Civic Centre, where they saw the Social Services offices and different local associations.