3. Culture And Interculturality (Follonica)

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DATE: 7th April 2017

VANUE: “San Paolo della Croce” Church

PARTICIPANTS: Representatives of Follonica Municipality and School; Local Associations; Immigrants from East Europe, North Africa.

Immigrants and their children, students, teachers and other representatives of the Municipality meet to share together experiences and cultural habits.

While the young play in the outside garden the adults set the table. Food is always a perfect element to create a convivial situation, so after having tested delicious dishes with good background music we sit around the table for a game prepared by the students attending Follonica I.S.I.S. In a box there are questions, we pick them randomly and, answering, everyone starts telling something about himself/herself. Also pictures help a lot to talk about personal experiences.

At the end all the people feel enriched by this wonderful meeting. The appointment is for the next week.