ISIS Follonica


The State Institute of Follonica Higher Education offers three distinct pathways: high school, technical and vocational education and training agency accredited by the Tuscany Region.

The present school is about 900 students, divided into 43 classes, including 11 for technical, vocational 5 (Service Delivery and Maintenance and technical assistance) and 27 for high school (Scientific matters, Applied Sciences, Humanities, Language).


ISIS Follonica has several years of experience in the realization of integrating routes and activities between our school and the world of work. Starting from the third year all the students are involved in experiences of school placements related to the specific branch they are attending.

The school implements, since the school year 2007/2008, the school-work pathways with relative certification of skills acquired in the individual paths.

Quality system used: UNI-ISO-9001-2008

The school has also experienced other projects during the years:

  • 2012/2013, participated in ESF projects of transnational mobility for the purpose of promoting the key skills students need for the development of the person, to build meaningful relationships with others aimed at a positive interaction also with the world of work, in a ‘European and international perspective that allows you to compare and interpret different situations.
  •  project “Adopt the future” and “AlterSkillPraxis” (made under the Leonardo Project, financed with EU funds).
  • In the school year 2015/2016 the school was in the Erasmus + project, BBuM-Buds Budding
  • School year 2015-1016 Erasmus+ Azione KA3 collaborazione con REDU (agenzia per l’educazione ai diritti umani), il Comune di Follonica, il Comune di Lugo (ES), Euroyouth (PT) per un progetto, “Young Lab”, a favore del dialogo strutturato fra giovani e decisori politici sul tema del lavoro.

The Project Coordinator will be the headmaster Mrs. Anna Rita Borelli, together with her vice Mrs Rita Celati and the contact person for European projects Miss. Elena Zanaboni. The three of them have  previous experience in the management of projects both nationally and internationally . Beside Miss Zanaboni, being an English teacher, has the possibility to easily communicate with all the other international partners.

The school has decided to be partner of the Erasmus project “Icaro” in order to prevent and try to solve a delicate question such as the one concerning bullying that is spreading all over Europe and that has also involved our reality above all in the last few years.