Escola Balàfia


Escola Balàfia - Lleida

Escola Balàfia is a Public School with students from Preschool to 6th Primary (from 3 to 11 years old).


The building was inaugurated in 1969 and no many changes have been done, therefore it’s really old and quite damaged. However, it’s located in the oldest part of Balàfia neighbourhood with cheap rent apartments.

Currently enrolment is about 196 students, with an average annual rate of about 56 registers and cancellations.

It’s also important to remark that the 93% of students are foreigners, nearby 24 different countries, mostly from Maghreb.

All this generates some difficulties in the learning process making our school being considerated as a ‘School of Special Difficulty’ and therefore students from 1st to 6th remain in the centre one more hour daily. Preschool students who have older siblings at school are meanwhile looked after by teachers.