8. Activities in FACECO (Odemira)

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ACTIVITIES IN FACECO (Fair of Cultural and Economic Activities of the Municipality of Odemira)

FACECO – Fair of Cultural and Economic Activities of the Municipality of Odemira takes place annually and the objective is the promotion of the territory, its products and activities, local collectivities and actors, fostering the entrepreneurial and cultural fabric and attracting new entrepreneurs and investors to the county. FACECO is a showcase of the capacities of the Odemira territory, evident in the various economic, social and cultural activities represented by several exhibitors.

Knowing that FACECO is an event visited and participated by many people, migrants and locals, and that takes place in S. Teotónio, some migrants presented the proposal to carry out some activities that would integrate the fair. They have seen here the opportunity to bring their culture and show it to those who visit the fair and to interact with the community.

The activities to be presented at the fair are:
▪ Nepalese Dance Show
▪ Traditional henna paintings from India
▪ Writing of names in Indian and Bulgarian to give to children and participants in the fair