4. Parents Information Meeting (Lleida)

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For a good integration of the families in the school life of their children, it is important that parents participate in the management activities of the school. It is fundamental to promote parents participation in the AMPA (school parents’ association).

For this reason, we had a meeting with the collaboration of the FaPac (AMPA’s federation) where it was explained to the families that it is very important their participation and cooperation in the school life.

Elisa Solé, the FaPac’s president, Roser Martí, a FaPac’s technician, Naima Sayem, the AMPA’s school president, Salut Huerta, the school’s director, the members of the School Council and forty families of our school participated in this meeting.

Families play the main role in their children´s education but we realised that our families didn’t know about what is the AMPA for, so we decided to organise this meeting, which was really interesting for them. In our school we work for the implication of the families.