4. Ethnic Dinner (Follonica)

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With the involvement of ISIS and voluntary associations, an evening where a group of migrants prepare and offer an ethnic dinner to the citizens of Follonica. Migrants are promoters of a party to which they invite their fellow citizens.

On the evening of 4 May 2018, the migrants from the Growing Together project met the citizens of Follonica to the Church of San Paolo della Croce for an evening of sharing the flavors of their homeland. The food was cooked entirely by Imad Hassan, a chef of Egyptian origin, and by some of his assistants, who prepared dinner for about seventy people in one afternoon. The menu included cous cous with vegetables, spicy chicken and a sponge cake flavored with lemon and glazed chocolate.

The choice fell on these dishes also for a concept of fight against waste; in fact, as the chef himself testified, all the dishes could be safely stored for a few days, so much so that the advanced cous cous was served the next day at the local soup kitchen. The fulcrum of this event took place when everyone had tasted the dishes and the chef, with his staff, made their triumphal entry into the hall, in the presence of citizenship, but also of the Institutions. It was at this juncture that the Councilor for Culture, the Red Cross, the Parish and also other voluntary associations have turned to the chef and his collaborators to make other similar evenings.

From this first point of departure, for the chef of the land of the pyramids and his collaborators could be born a path that hopefully take them early in the kitchens of local hotels and restaurants. In implementing this path, a further concrete effect of the Growing Together project could also be realized, through support for the professional integration of migrants into the local community of workers.