3. Take care of your city just like a citizen (Follonica)

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With the involvement of ISIS and voluntary associations, a day of cleaning the pinewood and the beach and packed lunch at the end. Migrants take care of the city as citizens who welcome them as such

On April 22nd, eight boys from the reception center in Castellaccia (GR) met with the people from Madonie to help clean the city’s pine grove.

As soon as they arrived, they received a reflective harness, a pair of latex gloves, a “little hand” to collect garbage and a garbage bag; a couple of quick instructions and immediately go to work. The territory affected by the activity was quite extensive and the presence of citizens was strong.

The many citizens present were struck above all by the desire to make migrants and their desire to “earn” their stay in this country, demonstrated throughout the day when they have done a job that is more than excellent, dwelling on every bush far beyond what is necessary and filling the bags with even the smallest cigarette butts; and when they returned to the center, they were visibly satisfied with the work done. In general all the subjects who are participating in projects of active citizenship are certainly able to fit perfectly into our social fabric.

 At the moment of lunch offered to all the volunteers, the shyness, the embarrassment and the differences still existing between the two cultures emerged. The citizens of Follonica have included the migrants in the festive atmosphere that has been created, and gradually a pleasant climate of confidence has been created. The citizenship project has certainly achieved its goal of making the young migrants feel part of a territory through the care of it.