1. Human library (Follonica)

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Migrants become part of citizenship as an exciting book becomes part of us and of our home

On March 28, 2018, the first activity of active citizenship of the Growing Together project took place at the former Toll-plumber: the human library (or human library).

In this activity, eight migrants from Africa and Asia made books to anyone who wanted to “read” them. In fact, the activity consisted of migrants who conceived a phrase about themselves, as if the title of a book and the participants chose the title that they liked best and could talk to us for a maximum time limit of fifteen minutes, just as if they rent a book from the library. They could choose between a driver with a wife and daughter, a singer, a stand-up commedian, an Iranian mechanic, and more.

Those who participated were active members of the many organizations present on our territory, confirming the flourishing association fabric of our Municipality; The Red Cross, the Coop Members, Equal Opportunities and even a publishing house were present. The activity itself has enjoyed some success, as there have never been any dead moments and for the whole duration of this, there has never been a migrant without a “reader”; furthermore, it can be said without a shadow of a doubt that the stories told broke through the various participants who, after the fifteen minutes limit, never wanted to change interlocutor.

Finally, when the day ended, we were asked to re-propose the same initiative on future occasions.