Growing Together Project Presentation

In Follonica on November 27-29 2017 Growing Together Project third international meeting took place.

On meeting second day a reunion of some project partners and participants took place in the presence of the Mayor of Follonica. Attended the meeting about 50 migrants taking part in the various projects of the Municipality, members of the various associations partner of the project, a group of ISIS students from Follonica and the delegations of Odemira, lleida, Escola Balafia and the Escolas of Sao Teotonio.

Mayor of Follonica Dr Andrea Benini welcome all  the presents and he directs his most sincere thanks to the international delegations for having brought to Follonica that spirit of solidarity and desire for integration, which in a difficult moment of the migratory flows unites all the European countries and in this circumstance in particular the cities of Follonica, Lleida and Odemira.

The President of the City Council Francesco De Luca opened the meeting illustrating the project to those present. He focused on the importance of education both of the citizens (i.e privates and stakeholders) and of the immigrants. Only coordinating the two elements can be allowed the “together growing” of a community. It’s not a mystery that nowadays in Europe, and also in Italy, right extremisms are spreading out,  heavy influenced by medias and political campaigns, who generate a distortion between the perception of the phenomenon and the reality.  For example, in Italy people think the homicide tax is increased because of the coming of the immigrants from Africa: but as a matter of fact the Italian statistical institute (ISTAT) tells as that this tax has been reduced four times in the last 10 years.  Italy has never been so safe, but people think the exact contrary. For these reasons and many others we want to implement the European project, using all the little means that a municipality as Follonica can afford, in order to fulfill all the goals we are facing.

The following interventions were presented by .

  • Emanuele Moretti Vice President Italian Red Cross in Follonica :

Mr Moretti tells about Italian Red Cross ( CRI) of Follonica experience of participating in the Growing Together project.

Mr Moretti Follonica thanks for having been able to participate in the project. “In our workshop we opened our premises to the participants in the project who were able to visit it and realize the daily work of the Red Cross that offers many and varied services to the population. An excellent opportunity to work on training for the participants of the Growing Together project to integrate them into our reality. The CRI of Follonica with the aim of training them also has the hope that they will become part of the structure to collaborate in the activity. Yu are all very Welcome in working with us for our community !

  • Professor from CPIA Follonica

The Provincial Centers for Adult Education (CPIA) are autonomous educational institutions that have the task of providing a training offer for Italian or foreign adult citizens.

The Provincial Centers carry out a training offer aimed at obtaining the final title of the first cycle of education or certification certifying the acquisition of basic skills related to the education obligation. Furthermore, the CPIA organize courses aimed at issuing qualifications attesting to the knowledge of the Italian language. Professor tells to those present their experience with Growing Together project and tells about their future projects with migrants.

Professor says that “ Migrants with their paths of life bring us facing realities we would never imagine. So than our situations appear to us in another light: But we are citizens who have to say thanks to them for the enrichment and I agree with the Mayor of Follonica when he spoke about interaction. There is no fear of them. They are part of our city, of our school and want to live with us”.

  • Professor Elena Zanaboni ISIS School Follonica

In reason of Growing Together project European dimension the ISIS institute in Follonica decided to participate in the Growing Together project because as a school it believe to have to discuss important issues such as migratory flows that affect the whole of Europe.

The ISIS institute in Follonica offers various fields of study, including the Human Sciences Lyceum and this specific field of study follows specific educational projects in the social and intercultural sphere in which the experience under way with the Growing Together project has been inserted. The ISIS school project includes other cultural exchange meetings with the migrants taking part in the Growing Together project.

Newsletter #3 (November 2017)