Growing Together Project Presentation

The second transnational meeting of the Growing Together – Immigrants Empowerment and Local Citizens and Educators project took place on 17th and 18th May.

This project, funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, involves three municipalities of three different countries, Odemira (Portugal) Lleida (Spain) and Follonica (Italy), and three schools or school groups of these regions and aims at contribute to greater empowerment of immigrants citizens, in this case in charge of education, that have children studying in partners schools or group of schools. In Odemira, the partnership is with Group of Schools of S. Teotónio.

On the 17th, a working meeting was held among the technicians involved in the project, in which partners contrasted different working methodologies, got to some conclusions and carried on with the project implementation. All the partners emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the experience and the knowledge of the families, since they have a story of participation and experiences that allow them to produce new learnings. It was talked about the importance to empower immigrant people, give them resources and tools in order they could be able to propose changes and create new projects to develop. It was emphasized the importance that the projects and actions to develop endure through the time, which means that administration and immigrant families should be involved. At the same time projects should be proposed by immigrants themselves in order they feel them as their own and get them more implicated. Partners also defined how will the citizenship proposals be in each country.

On the 18th, Escola Balafia held a conference about the project “Growing Together”, where all the partners participated. During the event there was the opportunity to know about different projects where the Lleida City Hall participates, which work to help the integration of the immigrant people of the city. Then the meeting was moved to a debate where the immigrants themselves presented some projects they are developing in the city.

In this space of the debate there also was a little presentation of the families that participated in the first edition of the Growing Together workshops.

The city of Lleida works the migration subject in different fields and areas as it was demonstrated in the Growing Together presentation.

“These two days of work, besides providing the contact between all the partners involved, the reflection on the work already developed and the strategic planning for the future, allowed to know a migratory reality very different from ours, contextualised to the territory and the characteristics of the public With strategies and responses of reception and integration of immigrants well structured and adapted to the needs of these citizens.”

Partners from Odemira


Newsletter #02 (May 2017)