Meeting Lleida (SP), School Balàfia – Ajuntament de Lleida

17-18 May 2017

1st DAY


MORNING SESSION (9.30 – 13.00) Centre Recursos Juvenils
9.30 Welcome and introduction
9.45 Meeting  the partner organisations and key staff

Project overview: Workshops’ Guide, Citizenship Projects’ Monitoring Guide and Recommendations

11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Cooperation agreements, budget, financial rules
12.00 Reception and Visit City Hall
13.30 Lunch at “Col.legi Arquitectes”
AFTERNOON SESSION (15.30 – 18.00) Sala Paula Freire
15.30 Discussion on Dissemination Plan
16.00 Discussion on Quality, Evaluation and Risk Plan
16.30 Coffee break
16.45 Activities planning: immigrants information/mobilisation; workshops contents; educators profile and selection; Citizenship Projects criteria and resource network
17.30 Next transnational meeting: venue, dates, objectives, structure
17.45 End of  the First Transnational Meeting
18.00 Visit to the young council meeting
18.15  Tourist visit “Petits grans racons”
20.00 Visit to the “ Castellers” – Human Tower
21.00 Dinner at “Gourmet Real”
2nd DAY 18/05/2017
DEBATE / VISITS (Output 3)
10.00 Reception and to the education department
10.45 Coffee break
12.00 Visit to the Humanity patrimony world “Seu Vella”
13.30 Lunch at Astoria
15:45 Visit to the school Balafia
16:00 Public presentation of the “Growing Together” project at the School Balàfia
18.15 Visit to the Ludoteca Balàfia
Visit to the Social Services de Balàfia
20.00 Dinner at “Amagatall”