The Municipality of Odemira will hold a public presentation session of the project Growing Together – Training of Immigrants as Local Citizens and Educators, next January 11, at 2.30 pm in the S. Teotoniense Recreation Society in S. Teotónio.

The Growing Together Project is being developed by the Municipality of Odemira, in partnership with the Group of Schools of S. Teotónio, with funding of community funds through the Erasmus + Program. In addition to Odemira, the project also involves the Municipality of Lleida (Spain) and Municipality of Follonica (Italy).

The project aims to contribute to the proper integration of adult immigrants and their children into a dynamic intercultural society where they actively participate in the school career of their students. The transnational dimension will allow us to highlight different perspectives, experiences and critical reflections that contribute, themselves, to the creation of collective responses and simultaneously, adaptable to each territory.

The project will run until September 2018 and target the Adult Immigrants / Educators. Various actions will be promoted with a view to better integration of immigrant citizens and greater support and participation in the education of their students.

Growing Together is part of a policy of social inclusion and territorial cohesion and joins other ongoing responses and projects, such as the ST Project, the Local Support Center and Integration of Immigrants, under the aegis of the Municipal Plan for Integration Of the Immigrant, also with a broad set of measures in 13 strategic areas. These social assistance initiatives are funded by Community and municipal funds.