Growing Together Project Presentation

The first transnational meeting of the Growing Together – Immigrants Empowerment and Local Citizens and Educators project took place on 10th and 11th January.

This project, funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, involves three municipalities of three different countries, Odemira (Portugal) Lleida (Spain) and Follonica (Italy), and three schools or schools groups of these regions and aims at contribute to greater empowerment of immigrants citizens, in this case in charge of education, that have children studying in partners schools or group of schools. In Odemira, the partnership is with Group of Schools of S. Teotónio.

On the 10th, a working meeting was held between the technicians involved in the project, in which the partners had the opportunity to make known the reality of their territories regarding the issue of immigration and to reflect on the procedures and strategies that should be developed.

On the 11th, the partners had the opportunity to meet some schools of the Group of Schools of S. Teotónio and participate in the presentation of the project that took place in the auditorium of the S. Teotoniense Recreation Society, in S.Teotónio.

During the event there was also the opportunity to hear the testimony of some technicians from local institutions that support immigrants, as well as three citizens from other countries living in S. Teotónio.

”What I found particularly interesting and useful was the direct experience of some immigrants who spoke during the public meeting at Saint Teotonio. I could understand how important it is for a person arriving in a foreigner country to find the right conditions in order to be able to express and develop the personal potentialities at her/his best. But to make that real knowing the language is foundamental. So, even if at the beginning also a smile or few words in the immigrants language can make them feel more comfortable, to organise language courses is the first step towards a real integration. Beside, a meeting in presence was foundamental both to clarify some burocratical and operative aspects and to experience directly the reality and the needs of the country for what concerns the topic of the project”.

Elena Zanaboni (ISIS Follonica)


Newsletter #01 (February 2017)