Meeting Odemira (PT), Câmara Municipal de Odemira

10-11 January 2017

1st DAY


MORNING SESSION (9.30 – 13.00)
9.30 Welcome and introduction
9.45 Meeting  the partner organisations and key staff

Project overview: activities, timetable, deliverables, partner roles, communication and problem solving

11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Cooperation agreements, budget, financial rules
12.30 Walking tour in the village – Visit to Helena Loermans craft’s workshop
AFTERNOON SESSION (14.30 – 18.00)
14.30 Walking through the riverside area and visit to the José Saramago Municipal Library – Odemira
15.00 Discussion on Dissemination Plan
15.30 Discussion on Quality, Evaluation and Risk Plan
16.00 Coffee break
16.15 Activities planning: immigrants information/mobilisation; workshops contents; educators profile and selection; Citizenship Projects criteria and resource network
17.00 Intellectual Outputs: Workshops’ Guide, Citizenship Projects’ Monitoring Guide and Recommendations
17.45 Next transnational meeting: venue, dates, objectives, structure
18.00 End of  the First Transnational Meeting
2nd DAY 11/01/2017
DEBATE / VISITS (Output 3)
09.30 Departure to S. Teotónio, next to the restaurant “O Tarro”
10.00 Visit to the Manuel Rafael Amaro da Costa School in S. Teotónio
14.30 Public presentation of the “Growing Together” project at the S. Teotoniense Recreation Society Auditorium in S. Teotónio
17.30 Visit to the ST-E6G Project Space in S. Teotónio
18.15 Return to Odemira